Who Is Markus Scott?

Markus Scott was born in New York City on August 24th of 1998. Growing up mostly poor while being in and out of  shelters with his parents and younger brother. Markus never had the peaches and cream lifestyle. Markus and his family was always on the move resulting in him constantly transferring schools. While in the mix of things Markus always kept his head screwed on and was always into reading books and writing which exposed his talent for poetry.

In elementary school Markus excelled at reading, and it became one of his favorite subjects. Along with reading came writing. He excelled at writing poetry in his classes and maintained that skill through his childhood. When Markus reached middle school he started experimenting by writing music. With no money for equipment or studio time, Markus just wrote raps and started freestyling in school, which gave him some credibility among his peers. One day someone entered Markus in a rap battle at a house party in Harlem. Unaware that he was signed up he still competed and came out on top. After the party, the Facebook timeline for the event started to blow up with all the excitement from the rap battle making it known that Markus was more than a poet but a rapper.

In Markus's freshman year of high school, Markus started to DJ while keeping up with rapping making him a jack of all trades. At the time Markus's father, Markus Scott Sr was a chef at a restaurant/club in Harlem and was able to get him to DJ on some of the nights after he came out of school with DJ Clue's left hand man DJ Esso. DJ Esso assisted Markus with his skills on the turntable until he was able to hold down the crowd on Friday nights. Markus was also a DJ for his high school when they school events.

In the summer before his senior year in high school Markus competed in a rap battle to a sold out house at Columbia University and was one of the few finalists. Meeting other rappers from his city and creating many powerful connections,Markus finally gained the confidence to make his first song that summer. When Markus received his first check from summer youth, Markus went to a pawn shop and brought a laptop. He then brought a DAW, and microphone from Guitar Center and began researching how to mix and edit his vocals. In October of 2015, Markus recorded his first song which received great feedback, but Markus felt it could have been better and focused on harnessing his craft song after song his whole senior year in high school.

As Markus released more and more songs, each song became better and better as time went by. Mainly focused on conscious music and trying to make it appeal to a mainstream. Markus realized this generation of music was different and needed something different. He realized he needed to be more versatile then most artists from his city and in hip hop in general. Markus released his 6 track EP "Graduation Night" in June 2016 the same day Markus graduated from high school which showed the transition from his high school career into adulthood. In August of 2016 Markus released his latest hit single "Swervin" alongside a music video that started to receive a buzz in his city and has already been featured on many blogs including "ThisIs50.com". Markus is recently released his second project, "Live Live With No Regrets" in the summer of 2017. With popular songs off the project such as "Bump & Grind", "Hopped Out", "Skurt", and "Public Apology".